University of Missouri

The Environmental Science Club promotes awareness, education and projects dedicated to improving the environmental quality of the campus and community.

We also develop awareness of the School of Natural Resources Environmental Science degree program and provide a means for students to connect with environmental scientists, organizations, and businesses.

We have received a grant to monitor storm water runoff from campus into the Hinkson Creek and set up a microclimate station at Capen Park. The data from these two areas can be accessed here!

Campus Community Environmental Data:

Capen Park Weather
Current Temperature - 49.1 F
Current Wind Speed - 4.7 MPH
Current Wind Direction - NNW
Accumulated Precipitation - 0.00 Inches

Sanborn Field Weather
Current Temperature - 47.3 F
Current Wind Speed - 5.3 MPH
Current Wind Direction - N
Accumulated Precipitation - 0.00 Inches

South Campus Stormwater

Supported by a $25,000 grant from the Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund administered by the MU Information Technology Committee
Department of Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences | University of Missouri